Getting both medical and emotional support are a number one priority for sufferers. Once a person has been diagnosed with Cluster Headache it is usually a life-long condition, meaning that long term support needs to be in place so that they can lead as normal life as possible.

A Cluster Headache patient will have the medical support and advice of their GP and Neurologist who can provide treatments in an attempt to prevent headache attacks, and treatments for relief where attacks are not prevented. Preventative treatments have limited success and because of the conditions severity and debilitating effects, sufferers often seek further support, usually through charities, in search of coping better with their condition.

Ouch UK

The Organisation of Understanding Cluster Headache (OUCH UK) is a charity that provides excellent support specifically for Cluster Headache sufferers and their families. With its 24 hour helpline, its objectives include increasing awareness and improving understanding of the condition. With its close relationships with the medical profession, members are engaged with medical research, treatments and potential cures for the condition.

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