Think you, or someone you know, might have cluster headache? What the next steps are and how to get help.

If you think that you may have cluster headache you should see your GP or other relevant health professional for assessment.

There is not a specific test for diagnosing cluster headache, therefore noting and keeping accurate records of you symptoms is important to make a correct diagnosis. As cluster headache is a rare headache type, you are likely to be referred to a neurologist (specialist in brain and nerve conditions) at a hospital or headache clinic for further assessment and management.

Whilst there is no cure for cluster headache, once a person has received a diagnosis and has established an appropriate treatment regime, the condition can be better managed. Living with cluster headache, especially if chronic cluster headache, can be difficult and further support can be sought through the charity OUCH (UK).



The Organisation of Understanding Cluster Headache (OUCH UK) is a charity that provides extensive support and information for cluster headache sufferers and their families. With its 24 hour helpline, the charity’s objectives include increasing awareness and improving understanding of the condition. With its close relationships with the medical profession, members are engaged with medical research, treatments and potential cures for the condition.

Visit their website at:

OUCH (UK) helpline messaging service 01646 651 979 (available 24/7).