Cluster Headache is a rare type of headache affecting about 1 in every 1,000 people. It is often regarded as the most painful condition known to medical science, with patients suffering from excruciating and debilitating pain many times worse than that of a migraine.

Because of its rarity, public awareness and understanding of this neurological condition is limited. Suffers are often misdiagnosed, and currently the average diagnosis time for Cluster Headache is around 3 years despite the condition’s very specific symptoms.

The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness and understanding of this debilitating condition in hope of faster diagnosis so that sufferers get the much needed medical treatment and support sooner. With increased attention, it is also hoped that more funding can be allocated for research and support.

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Helping raise awareness

Together with your help, by sharing this website and what you know of this condition with friends and family, we can help raise awareness of Cluster Headache so that sufferers are diagnosed and have access to the specialist medical treatment, advice and support much faster.

You can also support this campaign and raise awareness on your wrist, with a Cluster Headache Awareness wristband.